Research and development is at the core of TECNOCUT Engineering activities. We foster innovation through the innovative solutions we deliver to our clients by always bringing the most relevant experience to any given project.

The wide breadth of skills and differing backgrounds covered by our staff allows us to tackles many fields of both research and development.

TECNOCUT Engineering has the knowledge, capabilities and technology to take your project right through from the initial idea to the finished product. We strive to preserve the original intent of each design whilst satisfying all key production criteria and providing optimum manufacturing efficiency leading to a design solution which is commercially viable.

We work closely with our customers to ensure that all of their expectations are fulfilled on time and to the high standard that they demand.

We are considered as a “One Step Ahead” company with a focus on constant innovation and development of new features and solutions to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Our commitment do not finish with the solution delivery, we want to remain at customer’s side as their partner for its entire life cycle.


Tailored converting

Automotive Industry

A full electronically controlled servo drive system with High Performance Servo Motor controls the jumbo roll speed performance. This system gives a very precision tension control during the whole operating cycle even during acceleration and slow down the unwind-tension will be perfect and stable.


Food/Beverages Industry

A high performance unwind-rewind machine for narrow web. The key features are energy efficiency, safety, less maintenance, web handling and speed performance.

As an engineering based company, our machines are designed to meet our customers specific needs, means a full customization where productivity is generally a must. This is the reason why our machines have several features that add value to the main function such as in-line quality control, embossing, compression and cutting.

Many options and variations of the base designs are available. Over the years special needs have required many special variants in most cases.

Special slitting

Agriculture Industry

A special slitting machine, mainly used to convert large-sized stretch film into small ones which avoids the split-level film and improves the technical index of product, such as level and appearance quality.

It is equipped with photoelectric automatic error correction adjustment system for unwinding and an automatic meter calculating measures and automatic stopping device. Invariable tension magnetic powder brake and clutch, with frequency variable and speed adjustable.

It is suitable for slit PET, PE, PVC, Aluminum foil, paper, insulating material etc.

Tecnocut is also especially qualified to provide complete Cutting and Processing Systems, always researching and investigating in order to improve, enabling TECNOCUT Engineering to supply the best production systems.